Saturday, March 5, 2011

Church Sues Pastor for Embezzlement in Ohio

An unusual trial started in Columbus Tuesday. A pastor is being sued by his former church for what some members are calling embezzlement and fraud.

Pastor Quentin Respress faces charges of misusing or misspending hundreds of thousands of dollars. Church members packed the courtroom. Some of them supported him, including his wife.

The lawyer for the church says there's a lot of evidence and paperwork to plow through, but he says it's really a simple case.

Richard Pace, the lawyer representing the church, said, "It's about what he did with their lives, their building, their assets their money. It's about greed. It's about power. It's about a few individuals who stood up to him and did not allow him to get away with it."

His lawyer insists her client did nothing wrong.

Regina Hilburn, the attorney representing the pastor, said, "We believe the evidence will show he did not misuse any church property-and he did not make ill advised deals-all the deals were approved by the church and he's not guilty of any misconduct here!"

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