Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ohio Judge Sentences Byram to 3 Years Probation for Embezzlement

This afternoon, Sarah Clayton-Byram stood before Judge Christopher Gee on a charge of embezzlement from Broadway PALS (Parents Actively Linked with School) an organization where Mrs. Byram served as its Treasurer.

Mrs. Byram plead guilty to the charge of embezzlement during her arraignment in March and was sentenced today by Judge Gee to three (3) years probation and was also ordered to take a college level class in financial management that she will pay for herself. Mrs. Byram has since paid restitution to the PALS organization in the full amount ($38,000) and stated in court today that she “deeply regrets and unconditionally apologizes to the PALS organization, to its board members, to the children it supports and to the Tipp City community, for the crime that I have committed”
Andi Trzeciak, Board Chair for Broadway PALS shared with TippNews that “the PALS board is happy that we can move forward and look forward to the future of PALS. The Board had previously agreed to remain silent after the arraignment and will remain silent regarding (Mrs. Byram’s) sentencing. Mrs. Byram has made restitution to the organization, and we are looking towards Fun Fair”. Fun Fair is the organization’s largest fundraising event of the year and occurs this Friday at Broadway Elementary, located at 223 West Broadway Avenue, Tipp City.

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