Wednesday, May 18, 2011

West Virginia Booster Club Treasurer found guilty of embezzlement

Calling her actions "a despicable act of greed against children," Judge David W. Hummel, Jr., sentenced defendant Sherry Frey to one to 10 years in a West Virginia state prison for women in Tyler County Circuit Court on Thursday, May 12. Hummel then suspended her sentence and placed Frey on two years supervised probation.

"You stole from kids, didn't you?" Hummel insisted, after the defendant equivocated about her guilt when accepting a plea agreement. Frey pleaded guilty to one count felony embezzlement, finally admitting she had stolen thousands of dollars from the Tyler Consolidated Middle School's Athletic Booster Club. Making excuses for her behavior, Frey aroused the ire of the judge, who remarked, "That's the biggest pack of lies I've ever heard."
Frey, who made a partial restitution in the amount of $1,200 in court Thursday, was accused of stealing several thousands of dollars while serving as treasurer for the TCMS Athletic Booster's Club.
"Do you have a gambling problem?" asked Judge Hummel. Frey replied she did not. The money stolen was suspected to be in the amount of almost $9,000. Poor record-keeping made it impossible to determine how much money actually went missing, but Frey admitted to taking "a couple of thousand" dollars. The court ordered Frey to reimburse the club another $800 in addition to the $1,200 received.
"It's hard to believe someone would have the nerve to steal money from the Middle School Athletic Boosters. Many of us gladly give our time and labor to the school and desire nothing in return," commented Prosecuting Attorney Luke Furbee. "I'm happy we were able to get some of it back today."

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