Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Teacher charged with embezzlement in West Virginia


A Wirt County teacher and coach has been charged with embezzlement.

Last month, West Virginia State Police arrested Christine Wilson of Washington for embezzlement. Wilson, who served as treasurer of a band boosters club, is alleged to have taken almost $9,000.
The 39-year-old was arrested May 6 by the Wirt County detachment of the West Virginia State Police. Sgt. C.E. Boring is the investigating officer.
According to the criminal complaint, Wilson took over duties as treasurer for the Wirt County Band Boosters in July and held the post until February. Boring states he received information from the Wirt County Board of Education regarding discrepancies in the boosters' account.
"The band booster accounts were audited by Wirt County Board of Education Treasurer Karen S. Cummings," the complaint states. "Ms. Cummings provided (Boring) with a report which advised there was a potential loss of $8,890 from the band booster account."
In the complaint, Boring stated he met with Wilson who admitted to taking $3,600 from the money collected by the Wirt County Band Boosters.
Wilson was charged with embezzlement and released on $2,500 surety bond. Her preliminary hearing is set for June 13 before Wirt County Magistrate C. David Roberts. Wilson's attorney is William Summers.
If convicted, Wilson faces a minimum of 10 years in prison.
Wilson, a teacher at the Wirt County Primary Center, also serves as the high school softball coach.
Wirt County Superintendent of Schools Dan Metz declined to comment on the arrest, citing personnel issues. Metz did say the teacher has been suspended pending the outcome of investigation.

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