Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vendor accused in Skiatook bribery case arrested in Oklahoma


A co-defendant in a Skiatook Public Schools bribery case was booked into the Tulsa jail today, records show.

Rickey Lynn Enos, 58, of Oklahoma City was arrested on four counts of bribery of a public officer/employee at 1:35 p.m. Monday. His bail is a total of $20,000.
Former Skiatook superintendent Gary Johnson, 56, of Tulsa pleaded guilty Wednesday to four charges of accepting cash bribes totaling $10,000 from Enos, an Oklahoma City vendor, for district custodial supplies and security equipment.
Enos is accused of bribing Johnson for the same amounts.
Johnson, in a written statement released after his plea in Tulsa County District Court, said his actions "represent a breach of the trust that had been placed in me by the students, parents, teachers and officials in Skiatook."
Grand jury indictments unsealed in June 2010 accused Johnson, who resigned last summer, of embezzlement and bribery of a public official in connection with a state audit that found overspending by the school district for supplies and equipment.
The indictments were returned four months after a state audit found that the school district paid Enos -- through his Oklahoma City companies E&E Sales and Austin Security -- $570,000 more than it would have paid for custodial supplies and security equipment had it bought them directly.
According to the audit, the district paid an Enos company as much as $29.95 -- a mark-up of 892 percent -- for a dust-mop handle that could have been bought for $3.02.
Tulsa County District Attorney Tim Harris said Wednesday that he was dismissing charges connected with the indictment in exchange for Johnson waiving his right to a preliminary hearing and pleading guilty to the new counts, which allege Johnson accepted bribes on four occasions between Jan. 10, 2008, and Dec. 15, 2008, documents claim.
The cash amounts were $2,000 (Jan. 10, 2008), $2,500 (June 9, 2008), $3,000 (Aug. 14, 2008) and $2,500 (Dec. 15, 2008), records show.
Johnson, who remains free on bail, entered a "blind" plea, meaning no agreement has been reached regarding his punishment.

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