Friday, September 23, 2011

Richmond woman accused of embezzling money from church credit union in Virginia


A Richmond woman has been charged with embezzling money from a church's credit union.

Police say 60-year-old Debra Morris, of the 4600 block of Mason Dale Way in Richmond faces two counts of embezzlement from the St. Paul’s Baptist Church Credit Union.
"We all feel that we know people, but we don't know people. It's just society."
By some accounts, Saint Paul Baptist church is known for it's family atmosphere with members helping other members.
But according to Henrico police,
60-year-old Debra Morris allegedly helped herself to something else.
She's accused of stealing more than 40-thousand dollars.
"I feel that you can't control people that doesn't have anything to do with the church at all. I feel like people are going to do what they're going to do," said Rhonda Lilly.
Church leaders say between June of 2008 and April of last year, they discovered suspicious financial activity while staff were conducting an audit.
That audit prompted an investigation revealing Morris allegedly stole the money from the Saint Paul's credit union.
A credit union in which she was the President and CEO.
"I've been a member for many years and I don't want it to reflect on our Pastor Lance Watson because he's done so much for us in the community," said Joe Wortham.

Joe Wortham tells us he knows Morris personally. And doesn't believe this is something she would ever do.
"She's always greeting everyone and constantly interacting with the members. It's really a big shock."
We tried to reach Morris at her Chesterfield home to get her side of the story.
But no one answered the door.
"There is no reason to steal in my books. But, i'm just hoping she would apologize and repent, said Wortham.
Debra Morris is out on bond. She goes back to Henrico's Circuit court on October 4 at 9am.

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