Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Former high school principal pleads guilty in Mississippi


A candidate for superintendent of education in Noxubee County has pleaded guilty to embezzlement.

Roger Liddell committed the crime while working as a high school principal in the Mississippi Delta.

Liddell will serve three years on probation and will have a non-adjudicated sentence resulting in no criminal record.

“While I am pleased Roger Liddell has taken responsibility for his actions against the schoolchildren in Washington County, I am equally displeased by the fact that in three years, Roger Liddell will have no criminal record,” said State Auditor Stacey Pickering.

Liddell was also ordered to make restitution to the school system for $26,232.69.

The State Auditor’s Office investigated the purchase of $73,032.88 in inventory, including computers, televisions and video equipment.

Following an investigation, it was determined Liddell purchased the equipment with school district funds but diverted the equipment for personal use.

All equipment purchased was seized by the State Auditor’s Office during the investigation and will be returned to the Hollandale School District.

Where appropriate, items will be used by students or sold to recover funds embezzled by Liddell.

In 2011, Liddell ran for superintendent of education in Noxubee County and was forced to run again in a special election this year.

Liddell is currently suing as a result of his loss in the special election.

Retired Calhoun County Circuit Judge Henry Lackey is set to hear Liddell’s challenge on August 20 at the Noxubee County Courthouse.

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