Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mother, daughter facing charges for embezzling from Porter, Oklahoma Public Schools

Two former employees of Porter Consolidated Schools are facing embezzlement charges.

48 year-old Lorri Tedder and 29 year-old Ashley Myers are accused of stealing nearly $4,000 from the district.

According to court documents, the Porter Consolidated Schools Superintendent, Mark Fenton, contacted Wagoner police in late October about the possible theft, the investigation is now in the hands of the District Attorney's office in Wagoner county.

"There are two charges of embezzlement against Lorri Tedder and Ashley Myers and the District Attorney's Office, Brian Kuester's office, we will prosecute these to the fullest extent," said Stephanie Milburn, the lead prosecutor for District 27 which cover's Wagoner County.

Court documents show a total of 15 unauthorized charges were made at Walmarts in Wagoner, Muskogee and Coweta.

"A school credit card from Walmart was utilized to take and use the money from the school," said Milburn.

Tedder and Myers are accused of making the purchases without the school's knowledge and for their personal gain.

According to Fenton, both women were employed as secretaries here for Porter schools and Ashley Myers is also Lorri Tedder's daughter.

Investigators say Myers used the card 13 times for more than $3,000 worth of purchases. Her mother, Tedder used the card twice for about $600 worth of purchases.

Court documents show Tedder worked for the district for 18 years, Myers for three.

Porter resident and parent, Timothy Bergstrom says he's surprised to hear this.

"I know the lady, she's a nice person, never had a problem with her, like you said, she's been there forever," said Bergstrom.

He's referring to Tedder.

"$4,000 doesn't really seem like a lot," said Bergstrom.

Even though he believes the dollar amount is small, he's upset about the school's losing money.

"I am because it is a school, like I said, I know the lady, she's a good person, she just made a mistake," said Bergstrom.

Both Tedder and Myers are no longer employed at Porter schools.

They've both posted bond and are expected to be in court in December.

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