Thursday, February 28, 2013

Youth League Treasurer Denies Theft in Colorado

The Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office has identified the suspect in the embezzlement of an estimated $650,000 from the Arapahoe Youth League, but the woman strongly denies involvement in the theft.
Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson said 51-year-old Pamela Schlehuber is suspected of pilfering the money from the youth sports league over the course of five years and she will likely be criminally charged in several weeks, when the complex financial investigation is completed.
But Schlehuber, who served as AYL treasurer, told CBS4 investigators are wrong, “I didn’t take any money. When I turned the books back over, there was no money missing.”
 Schlehuber was treasurer for the AYL until 2011 according to the organization.
It coordinates sports for about 6,000 boys and girls from Castle Rock to Northeast Denver.
According to an announcement posted on the AYL website by its President Craig Randall in August 2012, the board of directors conducted a review of bookkeeping records “and uncovered potential issues with the accounting of the AYL funds.”
 The organization then notified the Arapahoe County Sheriff which began a financial investigation involving multiple bank accounts.
Investigators say that probe has led them to Schlehuber who has not been arrested or charged and does not have a criminal record in Colorado.
Contacted by CBS4 by phone Wednesday,
 Schlehuber repeatedly said investigators were mistaken in accusing her of financial impropriety.
“That is so not true,” Schlehuber said. She told CBS4 she has talked to Arapahoe County investigators twice, once in person and once by phone.
Records show she has served as bookkeeper for several other youth organizations and is currently a church bookkeeper. She said she was the paid treasurer for AYL for “a lot of years. I need to see where this is going.”
The Arapahoe County Sheriff said the district attorney is “in the loop” on the case.
On its website, the AYL President noted that, “Notwithstanding this unfortunate turn of events… there has never been and there never will be an interruption in the services provided by the AYL to all of the families and players.”

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