Saturday, February 22, 2014

Former Clay Co. school employee arrested in grand theft

 Clay County detectives believe a former bookkeeper stole at least $57,000 from the elementary school where she worked.

Julie Herringdine, 37, is charged with schemes to defraud, grand theft and uttering forged instrument.

Herringdine was a former bookkeeper at J.L. Wilkinson Elementary.

Detectives started investigating the alleged embezzlement when the school district reported that the school's checking account was overdrawn.

A district worker presented detectives with paperwork that showed Herringdine turned in and was paid refunds for money that was not owed to her. Detectives report the paperwork was and receipts were counterfeited to show that money was owed to Herringdine. Also, the refund paperwork had forged signatures of the principles that were in charge of Wilkinson Elementary at the time of the theft.

Detectives said Herringdine claims to have purchased items for the school with her own money  and then submitted paperwork for refunds

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