Thursday, July 17, 2014

Search Warrant Has Revealed New Details in Church Embezzlement Case

 In June we told you about a woman charged with embezzling money from Saint Marks Lutheran Church, and there is new information in her case.

This information is about Ellen Fields, not Edith, like originally reported, took the money, and just how much.

New information about the case shows that fields served as the church secretary and treasurer, and had full control of the church's accounts.It was found that she paid many personal bills out of these accounts. Investigators also found that over $30,000 were embezzled from the church checking account, and about $16,000 from the church's Visa account.

It turns out the embezzlement began in 2008, and lasted until May of this year. She already has indictments from the church's checking account, but will be facing more from the the church's Visa account.

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