Friday, September 26, 2014

Tulsa Pastor Accused Of Embezzlement Won't Step Down

A Tulsa pastor won't step down, after he's accused of embezzling almost a million dollars.
Willard Jones pleaded not guilty to the charges and he's not bending to pressure from church members to resign.

Reverend Jones may not be stepping down, but according to those inside the meeting, he will be taking a sabbatical from the pulpit. Some members of the church say that's just not enough.

Church member Donald Rose said, "I am separating from this church. I'm gone. I'm done."

There was much outrage after a meeting with church leaders at the Greater Cornerstone Church.

Members said Jones, indicted for stealing almost a million dollars from a community center they supported, walked into the meeting and sat silently as leaders from other area churches made the announcement that Jones would be taking a sabbatical but not stepping down.

"I'm just hurt, I don't know what else to say besides I am, I'm so disappointed, I cannot believe what happened here,” said member Geraldine Freeman.

She has been a member for more than ten years and left the meeting visibly disappointed along with several others who said they're not coming back.

"We're leaving, and we're letting them just do whatever they want to do until this place is probably gonna be bankrupt,” Rose said. "I'm sorry I'm so angry, I'm just disgusted and tired of the shenanigans."

News On 6 has learned that about 20 years ago Jones spent time in prison after being convicted of larceny.

His next court date is set for October 20th.

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