Friday, December 18, 2009


Joyful music echoed from the sanctuary at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, but Pastor Gaston Smith did not want to talk to the media.
Sunday morning, Smith clearly avoided cameras, sneaking into the church without offering any comments on his recent conviction.
Smith was found guilty of grand theft on December 11, 2009 for taking $10,000 from his nonprofit group.
His supporters at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church filled the building Sunday morning. Despite his conviction, they plan to stand by their pastor.
Tyrone Lamar told Local 10, "I support my pastor 100 percent. He made some mistakes but he is a good man. I am really hurt."
For now, it appears that Smith will continue as pastor of his church.
There are no laws requiring those convicted of grand theft to step down from their position.
He will return to court in February for sentencing. He could face up to 5 years behind bars.

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