Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Some local parents say they trusted the wrong man with tens of thousands of dollars intended for their children.
The parents at Chinook Middle School say a volunteer withdrew more than $50,000 from the school's Parent Teacher Student Association account in order to bail out his personal business.
Some 900 students and their teachers were counting on money for school programs. David Glass was in charge of every dollar.
Everyone in Clyde Hill trusted Glass. he's the local lacrosse coach, a father of a student at the school and a self-proclaimed financial expert.
On the Web, Glass says expertise has helped dozens of ventures. But the Chinook Middle School PTSA says he took the school for a ride.
The PTSA says Glass, the association's treasurer, cooked the books, and swiped at least $58,000 intended for school programs.
"We went down to the bank, and we were shocked to see that what we thought was in the bank was not," said Angie Lampkin, co-president of PTSA.
On November 13, 2009, the bank told the PTSA members that their account was down to just $403 following a number of cash withdrawals.
"And I looked at the activity on the account, and I said, 'You need to close this account immediately,"' said Anne Medzegian, co-president of PTSA."Just blatant. It was not right."
When they confronted Glass, he resigned. In a letter to the school, Glass stated he acted out of "sheer personal desperation."
KOMO News contacted Glass, but a friend of his said he, not Glass, is handling all questions. That friend said Glass's business went in the tank this year, and he made a bad decision.
Police are investigating, and working to collect paperwork needed as evidence. If Glass is charged and convicted of theft or embezzlement, he could face up to 10 years in prison.
The PTSA board wants Glass prosecuted. The board says he has paid back $45,000 of the missing money, but there's an outstanding balance of $13,000.
"Yeah, I'm angry," said Medzegian. "I am angry that it's been a lot of work for us to pick up the pieces, and he has not been forthcoming with a lot of the information."
The PTSA says it has enough money in the bank to continue the programs and grants at the school, but it still wants Glass to repay what's not his.

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