Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fellowship Chapel Point Pleasant NJ Money Meeting

For many of you who have attended Fellowship Chapel Point Pleasant NJ you would have noticed that after every Sunday service the pastors and elders would have an elder meeting. They would get together for what appeared to be a meeting to discuss issues regarding the church.

They couldn’t wait to get together as they would quickly congregate to a secluded area led by Fellowship Chapel vice president Richard Bergstrom and Brick Township lawyer from the Ocean County Prosecutor‘s Office Edward Murachanian.
They resembled little kids being let out for recess. For church members it made them proud that their church leaders were so passionate about serving God.
What the church members did not realize was what they believed to be a passion for serving God was actually a passion for serving their own greed, the con artist‘s love for money. At this pretend elder meeting Richard Bergstrom would divy up the cash that was collected from the Sunday offering and distribute it to Pastor Cliff Whitehead, Associated pastor Jim McCombs, President John Emmanuel, Secretary Bill Doolittle and Treasurer John Boyle.
The one thing in common with these men are that they are all long time friends of the secret owner of Fellowship Chapel of Jersey Shore lawyer Brick Township Edward Murachanian.

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