Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pennsylvania Embezzlement suspect charged in 2nd case

A Davidsville man accused of embezzling money from a Somerset County charity now is charged with misappropriating $64,484 from a Johnstown charity of which he was treasurer, authorities said.

Thomas A. Croyle, 45, of the 2700 block of Carpenters Park Road, is accused of stealing money from Bridge of Hope of the Laurel Highlands from May 2005 until June 2008, leaving the charity with only $7 in its bank account, Johnstown police said in a affidavit of probable cause.
Croyle became treasurer of Bridge of Hope in January 2005, police said.
The charges come as Croyle is being prosecuted in Somerset County for similar thefts.
He was charged Monday with stealing $18,615 from St. Francis Sharing and Caring Inc. in Conemaugh Township by depositing money into a fictitious account.
Police said Croyle used the following methods to steal money from Bridge of Hope:
• Wrote checks to himself and forged the signature of the charity president.
• Endorsed checks made payable to cash.
• Wrote checks payable to a fictitious company, TAC Services.
• Withdrew money using a Bridge of Hope ATM card.
At the time, Bridge of Hope rented space in a church being managed by the YWCA, 531 Somerset St. The organization has since moved.
Bridge of Hope owed about $1,000 in back rent, YWCA board President Diane Lopez said.
Croyle was charged with theft by deception, forgery, tampering with records, failure to make required deposits and other counts.
He paid back about half the money before he was caught, police said.
An audit by Wessel & Co. showed Croyle deposited $30,029 into the Bridge of Hope account, resulting in a net loss of $34,455, police said.
Croyle visited the Public Safety Building in Johnstown in June 2008 and signed a written confession.
He came forward after Bridge of Hope directors started asking questions about the lack of funds in the charity’s account.
According to the affidavit of probable cause filed by police, Croyle said he believed at one point that only $7 remained in the account.
Croyle, who is pastor at Stahl Mennonite Church in Conemaugh Township, Somerset County, said he took the money because he was having financial trouble.
Charges were filed before District Judge Leonard Grecek of Johnstown.
Croyle immediately waived his right to a preliminary hearing.
He is free on $25,000 unsecured bond.

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