Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Former Berkeley county, North Carolina principal and secretary arrested on embezzlement charges

Two former Berkeley County School District employees, a principal and his secretary are now facing embezzlement charges.

Police arrested 44-year-old Arthur Lee Holmes, and 37--year-old Lynette Alston, both are charged with embezzlement. According to police reports, in March of this year, the two are accused of embezzling more than two-thousand dollars by setting up a checking account under Marrington Elementary School PTA's name, and made withdrawals from the account. The report also says Holmes made several credit card purchases for more than two thousand dollars. The investigation began in August, and police arrested both Holmes and Alston in September.

Berkeley County School District says both Holmes and Alston are no longer with the school district. Holmes is now employed by the Jasper County School district as a human resource director. A spokesman there says the district has chosen to allow the case to play out, and they have no comment at this time.

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  1. steve mccray, stephen mccray

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    Use Venice Children's Circle and Educational Support network to steal state of California grant monies (public funds!) into own pocket.
    His pool, deck, room additions, basketball court, Dell computers, sporting goods, tools sheds where they keep their "secret" fyles from SCAAS, paint, $30,000 recording studio, Ford Econoline van, commerciall freezer and fridge valued at over $5,000 a piece that are all in his house at 4119 Charlene Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90043 were all property of the school before it was shutdown by LAUSD officials (below you will find a document the McCray crime family tried to have destroyed).
    While principal at William Green elementary school, Lawndale, CA he made $6,000 a month while never making an appearance at the Charter school - more than $10,000 a month. But this was not enough, he and wife Melonka Renaldo McCray (Melonka McCray) further
    took grant money and used it to renovate their recently purchased home at 4119 Charlene Dr, 90043, as well as refinancse their home in Winter Park, Florida.
    They cheated fellow teachers at SCAAS Charter out of their tax returns, in retaliation for the school getting shutdown and even went so far as to instruct a few students to damage a teacher's car as a consequence for the teacher speaking with LAUSD about issues at the school mrs Lee and nelson magana and others who ran the school and did a good job.