Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Former Kelloggsville, Michigan School Board Member Ordered To Pay Back $13K

After pleading guilty to embezzlement, a Kent County Judge has ordered Terry Lamore to repay nearly $14,000 in money she stole from the Kelloggsville School district.Lamore told the judge she was embarrassed and explained what happened was "out of character" for her. She added she was "apologetic to everyone involved".According to Kelloggsville Superintendent Greg Warsen, Lamore stole the money in small amounts over a period of time from September of 2007 to September of 2008. Warsen explained monitoring of funds from the Parent Teacher Group revealed something was wrong. After conducting an internal investigation, Lamore was found to be the person responsible.Lamore resigned her position amid the internal investigation. She was sentenced Tuesday to three years probation and ordered to pay back nearly $14,000 thousand dollars in restitution. Lamore must also complete 200 service hours.Lamore served on the school board from July 2007 to November 2009. Warsen said prior to that, she served the Parent Teacher Group as Treasurer and President.Warsen declined to comment on the situation on-camera but said he was "disappointed that the entire thing happened". He added in a written statement: "Since this unfortuanate situation took place, we have implemented increased controls including annual audits of all of our volunteer groups and regular submission of financial data to our business office. These audits and submissions have revealed a high level of integrity amongst the parent groups that support our students".Lamore also declined to comment as she left court Tuesday afternoon.

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