Thursday, May 2, 2013

Police investigate possible embezzlement of West Pelzer Elementary PTO account in South Carolina

Police are investigating a possible embezzlement of at least $3,300 from a West Pelzer Elementary School PTO account, police and school officials said.
“We do have a suspect,” said West Pelzer Police Chief Mike Clardy.
A forensic audit will have to be done going back about two and a half years to determine how much money is missing, he said, which could take a couple of weeks.
“It’s an ongoing investigation,” he said.
David Havird, associate superintendent of Anderson District 1, said the money was taken from a PTO account.
“We are wrapping up the investigation and feel pretty comfortable that we have recovered the majority of the funds,” Havird said.
PTO funds aren’t under the school or school district’s control, he said.

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