Sunday, June 16, 2013

Multiple Center High School employees placed on administrative leave during embezzlement investigation in California

Associated Student Body funds come from school fundraisers, athletic activities and special events like school dances. The students even have some control over how the money is spent through student government, but Center High School employees are under investigation for possible embezzlement.

"Oh, it could be thousands of dollars can go through that account any given week," Center Unified School District Director of Personnel and Student Services David Grimes said.

Grimes confirmed that over the last few weeks, the district has investigated accusations of embezzlement of money raised by Center High School students and managed for them by school officials.

"The principal works with the bookkeeper and has oversight and authority to manage and watch over, and make sure that account is being handled properly," Grimes explained.

Asked if anyone else is involved in that process, "No. No, we want to, you don't want too many hands in when you're dealing with the finances," Grimes replied.

Grimes did not say who the investigation is specifically targeting, but he will say who it isn't.

"We want to be very clear on that, the principal is not the subject of any investigation at all," Grimes said.

Grimes said Center High School only has one bookkeeper and no one other than the bookkeeper accesses the account.

Center High School's website identifies the bookkeeper as Dana Busath. When News10 visited Busath at her home, she declined to comment. The school district said they have placed multiple employees on administrative leave.

Grimes said some students have been questioned during the investigation, but they stress that no students have been accused of any wrongdoing.

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