Monday, June 24, 2013

School Embezzlement Investigation Underway

An investigation is underway into embezzlement involving a Meridian school.
Officials say the case involves funds at Crestwood Elementary.

Interim superintendent, Dr. Terry Larabee, says most, if not all, of the roughly $4,000 involved, has been returned. He says it was money that came from a fundraiser last fall at the school.

Although school officials are not confirming the identity of the person involved, Larabee says school policy prohibits the involvement of school officials with PTA funds.

"We have a statutory obligation to report to authorities any crime that happens on school property, and we've met that obligation in this situation," said Larabee.

Larabee says the school employee alleged to be involved with the theft is no longer working for the district.

At this time the Meridian Police Department is conducting its own investigation into the case. At last check, formal charges had not been filed.

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