Saturday, November 23, 2013

Former Tulsa Public Schools athletic director sentenced to 7 months for embezzlement

A former Tulsa Public School Athletic Director who pleaded guilty to embezzlement was sentenced to seven months in prison.

Stephanie Springs attorney had asked for her to be sentenced to probation based on her personal history and positive contributions to the community.

In the end, the judge said Spring stole the money from a district and students that needed it the most.
Stephanie Spring hurried out of U.S. District Court on Wednesday after a judge handed down his sentence.

The former TPS Athlethic Director pleaded guilty to a federal embezzlement charge earlier this year.

Spring is accused of pocketing more than 180 checks over a seven year period, totaling to over $92,000, money she got by renting out the district's athletic facilities.

“We're not pleased with the idea that we've had to go through this. This has been a heart wrenching event for everyone here at TPS. It's just gut wrenching to see people with so much potential who have done so much for the school make these kinds of mistakes,” said Chief Gary Rudick with the Tulsa Public School police department.

The judge denied Spring's request for probation and instead gave her a sentence of 7 months in federal prison and three years of supervised release.

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