Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Poe Middle School principal arrested, charged with embezzlement in Virginia

Fairfax County Police say the principal of Poe Middle School in Annandale, Sonya Swansbrough, 46, of Woodbridge, and an administrative employee at Jeb Stuart High School, Bethany Speed, 38, of Burke, have been charged with embezzlement and money laundering.
Also charged was Brenton Rusnak, 20, of Radford, Swansbrough’s son. He is accused of receiving stolen property.
Police said they began an investigation after being contacted by FCPS in late September 2013. The allegations involved falsifying timesheets for personal financial gain.
An investigation determined that these incidents began as early as May 2010 and officials believe over $100,000 may have been embezzled.
The investigation was conducted by Financial Crimes Unit detectives and FCPS Human Resources

Authorities say the women may have cheated the school system out of more than $100,000.
Sonya Swansbrough, 46, principal of Poe Middle School Annandale, Va., and Bethany Speed, 38, an administrative employee at Jeb Stuart High School in Falls Church, were arrested and charged with embezzlement and money laundering Tuesday morning.
The women allegedly falsified timesheets for personal financial gain, beginning as early as May 2010, said Fairfax County Police.
Speed had previously worked for Swansbrough as a finance technician.
An investigation began after "internal processes brought these issues to light," wrote Assistant Superintendent Douglas Tyson in a message to Poe Middle School parents Tuesday.
Swansbrough has been temporarily relieved of her duties as the investigation continues, he said.

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