Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Former employee steals more than $100,000 from donated school funds in Manitowoc, Wisconsin

 Manitowoc Lutheran High School staff are making changes to their accounting system after learning money was missing from their accounts last year.
"We have started from the ground up and are doing all those things to regain trust with our donors, our parents and the 23 churches that own us," said director of mission advancement, Scott Reinhard.
Reinhard is installing new software and hiring trained professionals to handle book keeping after losing more than $100,000 to Wanda Larson, the school's former accountant.
"The employee was an office manager that would have had access," said Detective Sergeant, David Vorpahl with the Manitowoc Police Department.
According to the criminal complaint, "Airline tickets, car rentals and hotel reservations were made in Wanda's name."
The complaint also says Larson would buy things and "gave a lot of the stuff away and would also take people out to dinner."
When police asked her about the trips Larson said, "she took them for her grandchildren, so they would have some memories."
"Our approach to this has been to say we're going to trust our authorities," said Reinhard about the investigation.
When asked why she did this Larson told police, "They (the school) treated women so bad and they continue to put more work on her."
Larson is facing 4 felony charges of embezzlement since she stole money from 4 different school accounts.

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