Sunday, January 31, 2016

Woman sentenced in church embezzlement case in Texas

A woman charged with taking thousands of dollars from the church her husband pastored was sentenced today.
Samantha Webb was sentenced to 45 days in the county jail and five years probation. A few members from the congregation were at the sentencing and tell us how the church has moved forward.
"When her and her husband left our bank account was minus," Compassion Church member James Abernathy said.
Abernathy says he is glad this case is finally over.
Webb is the now former ministers wife at Compassion Church, who in 2014 was caught stealing between $10,000 and $12,000 from the church.
"It put us in pretty bad shape because the church had no funds, we couldn't do anything at the church, any remodeling or upkeep or anything like that," Abernathy said. "It took us quite a while to get back on our feet."
Webb will now have to pay restitution equaling $10,000 to the church.
Abernathy says after Webb embezzled the money, the congregation of 25 dropped down to six people.
Today, they have nearly 40 members.
"We've just depended on each other, loving each other and just being strong with what we are supposed to do," Abernathy side.
"It is exciting to see how the Lord is building the church back to what it is," member Richard Eberhardt said.
He says he is glad the church can move forward.
"I'm not happy," Erberhardt said. "It is unfortunate that we are subject to making mistakes and we all have to answer for what we do both here and in Heaven."
Webb was also convicted for forging two checks in Choctaw County.
Her sentencing is set for next month.

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