Sunday, February 19, 2017

WVSP investigate embezzlement involving Boone County Schools

The West Virginia State Police (WVSP) are investigating an embezzlement case involving Boone County Schools.

State police were at the bus garage Wednesday, February 15 serving search warrants for financial records.

According to the WVSP the funds being investigated are within the transportation department of Boone County Schools. However, there is a local business and individuals allegedly involved in this case as well.

Sgt. Sutphin of the WVSP Madison Detachment said they received a tip and that is when they started pulling records through the companies and discovered some fraudulent transactions had taken place.

“When we started piecing it together it just came in a whirlwind,” said Sutphin.

According to Sgt. Sutphin this has probably been going on for about two years. As for the dollar amount the WVSP have not come up with a grand total at this time.

“Every day the totals are going up and down,” said Sutphin.

“It is a pretty complex investigation,” said Sutphin. “This basically involves a pretty large scale of converting transportation monies into a private business and also into personal purchases.”

The Boone County School system has been taking some hard hits financially in the last few years with their budget. There have been layoffs, pay cuts and school closures during this time and there is a possibility of more layoffs for the 2017-18 school year.

“The Boone County administration with the school board through the central office they have been nothing but supportive and nothing but helpful,” said Sutphin. “Mr. Huffman has done an outstanding job in assisting us. This is nothing they were aware of and has taken them by complete shock.”

Sutphin said Boone County School system is the victim of this.

WVSP have not released any names at this time. However, Sutphin said, “There is going to be multiple arrests made.”

At this time there is no timeline as to when these arrests will be made.

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