Monday, December 7, 2015

Court documents show former youth athletic president embezzled funds in Oklahoma

A former athletic coordinator of a metro youth athletics organization was charged with embezzlement following an investigation by Midwest City police.
According to court documents, Michael Wayne Kiesel stole more than $10,000 from an organization that supports youth athletics in Choctaw and Nicoma Park.
Court documents show that Kiesel, 51, admitted to police he used some of the money at area casinos.
Aaron McConnell said Kiesel was the former president of Choctaw-Nicoma Park Youth Athletics. McConnell has since replaced him.
"It was really a one-man show," McConnell said. "He had ladies that did all of the legwork. He was just sitting at the top handling all the finances."
The detective working the case reported Kiesel admitted to using organization funds "as if it was his own personal account," according to court documents.
Kiesel has been charged with three counts of embezzlement. Prosecutors with the Oklahoma County District Attorney's office allege the unlawful use of money occurred between June 1 and Aug. 31.
The investigation revealed detectives reviewed bank statements for the organization after members reported the misuse of funds.
"The kids obviously don't know what's going on," McConnell said. "A lot of the parents knew. We already started changing it and going in the direction we want to go."
The detective also reported he found $17,030 in cash that was withdrawn from ATMs.
"He admitted to playing $500 a week at local casinos ... Kiesel admitted that the money he withdrew at casino ATMs went toward gambling," the detective reported. 
Kiesel had not been arrested as of Friday night.  Sources tell KOCO 5 that investigators are working on an arrest warrant.
KOCO 5 reached out to Kiesel numerous times by email and phone. He did not respond for comment.

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