Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Cases of Embezzlement & Fraud lead to changes at two school districts in Wisconsin

Two school districts are making major changes after separate cases of employee fraud and embezzlement. 
Janesville Superintendent Karen Schulte says since Jessica Warner-Reed admitted to stealing $300,000 in student funds, they have revised their fund hand book and are now eyeballing the books with new software.
"A Quicken system where the finance team here can be looking directly at the computer on the ballot sheets," Schulte said.
She says she struggled with the thought that a Craig High School Clerk could do this.
"I'm very saddened and disappointed that this happened," Schulte said.
Another measure the district has taken included hiring fee handlers who take money from students and make sure it gets to the bank.
"We'll be counting money, recounting money, we'll have a checks and balance system," she added.
In Waunakee, Former Athletic Director Brian Smith is now on probation following school credit card fraud.  The school's superintendent Randy Guttenberg says to avoid credit card fraud flying under the radar, they've amped up their auditing.
"As we are processing the credit card, we are randomly pulling credit cards and statements, making sure it is up to policy," Guttenberg said.

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