Thursday, February 25, 2016

Girl Scout leaders accused of embezzlement appear in court in West Virginia

Two Parkersburg women accused of embezzling girl scout funds appeared in Wood County court Tuesday. Denise Davis and Mary Farnsworth were indicted for embezzlement and conspiracy to commit a felony.
The former troop leaders allegedly took a trip to Disney World, Sea World and an Everglades Cruise with the stolen money.
Tuesday a plea deal was to be entered by both defendants in which they agreed to pay back $2,500 with all charges dropped and no admission of guilt.
MariJo Tedesco, a former employee of the Black Diamond Council, took the stand to convince the judge to look at the case again and reconsider the plea deal.
"Not once has anyone expressed concern for the girls that were used for the profit of those that were supposed to protect and nurture them. Girl Scouts are supposed to empower girls and make responsible, honest and productive adults of the girls involved. What are we teaching the girls and society as a whole if people in positions of authority are allowed to abuse their privileges over the span of years and endure no consequence for it," says Tedesco.
Judge Beane agrees to look at the case again and will have both parties submit statements to probation and probation will submit a complete report to the judge. If the judge rejects it, defendants will have to enter a plea.

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