Monday, August 29, 2011

Chiles High School Teacher Tammy Bennett Arrested in Florida


Leon County school officials say a trusted teacher is behind bars for stealing money from Chiles High School.

Leon County School officials say Tammy Bennett was arrested for Grand Theft and Executing an Organized Scheme to Defraud. (8/26)
Bennett allegedly filed false reimbursement forms for expenses that didn't exist.
School officials say they only caught her because of an internal audit that turned up 'irregularities.'
Explains the schools' Chief of Safety and Security, John Hunkiar, "It appears that the items submitted for reimbursements for travel and equipment purchases that there were items that were not actually purchased and travel that did not actually occur."
Still, parents of Chiles High students say they're not too concerned about what this means for the kids.
Aaron Clark is the school's Athletic Director. He also has a daughter who's in the 11th grade. He says his daughter hasn't mentioned hearing anything about the embezzling.
Says Clark, "I think it's been contained. I think [Principal]Cox and the rest of the administration have done a good job, and I have the utmost confidence in them as a parent to run the school and do what they need to do."
Chiles Principal Alan Cox says he "hates" to have the high school's otherwise sterling reputation sullied by the "bad apple."
School officials say things like this generally do not happen in Leon County schools; however, that's the reason they have the audits in place
Principal Cox says he wants 'every penny' of the $150,000 repaid.
He says yearbooks will be printed as usual despite the thefts.

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