Wednesday, August 3, 2011

PTO chief charged with embezzling thousands of dollars in South Carolina


A Batesburg-Leesville mother is charged with embezzling thousands of dollars from a local parent-teacher organization she headed up. Some of that money was supposed to go to a little boy battling leukemia.

For more than a year, school leaders for Batesburg-Leesville Primary School say Tonya Timmerman, the president of the parent-teacher organization, spent thousands of dollars from two school PTO accounts.
Some of that money was supposed to go to Tammy Boldt's son Ryan, who's fighting leukemia. "Very shocking," said Boldt. "Disbelief. Just unbelievable."
In May, PTO members say they found out the money was disappearing when a fundraising company called the school looking for payment. PTO member Stacey Derrick went to the bank to check the bank records with authorities. "I just kept turning the pages and thinking' this can't be happening, this can't be happening,'" said Derrick.
Derrick says all the money was gone. Investigators say the suspect used some of money to pay for personal expenses.
Derrick says parents scraped together the hard-earned money to pay for school equipment, building upgrades and even medical bills for little Ryan. "This is someone who I trusted and really thought the world of," said Boldt.
Timmerman is charged with two counts of breach of trust, one with fraudulent intent between $2k and $10K and the other in excess of $10k. and was released on $50,000 bond. She is expected back in court in September.

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