Thursday, January 31, 2013

School embezzler sentenced to prison time in North Carolina

Susan Lynette Parker, 46, was sentenced to six to eight months in prison.
Parker embezzled about $6,000 from Union County Public Schools and about $23,000 from Centerview Baptist Church in Marshville.
She was initially charged and arrested in both cases, Detective Andrew Mullis with the Union County Sheriff Department said.
"It was reported to us by the school system," Mullis said.
Though she was charged with both cases of embezzlement, the trial was for embezzlement from the school system, Mullis said.
Parker took a deferred prosecution plea with regard to the church. Part of the agreement was that she would not serve any jail time and would pay the church back, Mullis said.
Parker worked for Union County Public Schools from January 2007 until September 2010, Community Relations and Communications Liaison Rob Jackson said.
She served as a secretary in the elementary education department and later as a secretary in the exceptional children department.
"Essentially, an employee going through past records noticed some discrepancies," Jackson said. "That was reported to her supervisor who then reported it to law enforcement."
The discrepancies were reported to law enforcement when they were discovered in 2011.

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