Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Son of convicted Lawrence superintendent Wilfredo Laboy pleads guilty to perjury in Massachusetts

The son of a former Lawrence Public Schools superintendent convicted of embezzlement pleaded guilty today to perjuring himself in grand jury testimony.
Wilfred Laboy II, 38, of Methuen, was then sentenced to one year of probation in Lawrence Superior Court, according to prosecutors.
Wilfredo Laboy was convicted last year of five counts of embezzlement and fraud for misusing the Lawrence school district’s graphic design center to print pamphlets for his son’s pizza shop and ordering school district employees to drive his son to work.
The elder Laboy was sentenced to two years in a house of correction and three years of probation, said Carrie Kimball Monahan, spokeswoman for Essex District AttorneyJonathan Blodgett.
Monahan said that when Laboy II was called before the grand jury to testify about his father’s misappropriation of school materials he lied to protect him.
“The crime of perjury undermines our justice system,” Blodgett said. “Our recommendation for committed time was based on the facts of this case which included deliberate and repeated lying to a grand jury, which is an affront to our efforts to determine the truth.”

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